“Web Fonts At The Crossing” On AlistApart

Jun 8, 2010

An article I wrote titled “Web Fonts At The Crossing” was published on AListApart today. If you haven’t been keeping up that closely with fonts on the web, this should help bring you up to speed.
Check it out.

Web Standards And Me

I got into web development about ten years ago, moving from a career in network management as a MCSE to web work in intranet environments.

Coming to web work fresh and with no previous experience, it was quickly obvious to me that separating content and presentation with style sheets was the way to go. So I learned and used Cascading Style Sheets. And I hand-coded. IE6 was the only approved browser. As long as the sites I created looked OK, my bosses didn’t know the difference. Of course, the “standard” was whatever IE defined it to be but it sure beat the headache of designing with tables. It was even fun.

For it’s time, IE6 was advanced. Really. I got to do browsing-in-place Ajaxian things before there was such a thing as “Ajax”. And nifty stuff with iframes, too. CSS, Ajax, iframes, all of these were new. After a time, I also began using and testing layouts against a little-known browser called Opera that featured support for the published standards from the W3C.

In search of the latest information, I discovered Jeffrey Zeldman’s AListApart magazine. Being the literate, forward thinking fellow that I am, often would I say to myself, “You know, you should write something up and submit it!”

For various reasons, that never happened. Until today.

Next: The Future Of Reading

I’ll be happily leaving the sub-tropical heat and humidity of Naples, Florida today for the Future Of Reading Conference at the Rochester Institute Of Technology in Rochester, New York. The conference features an incredible lineup of speakers. Chris Anderson of Wired will be there. And authors, publishers, designers, and scientists of all stripes. On the fonts and typography front there’s Robert Bringhurst, Kris Holmes, Charles Bigelow, David Berlow, Steve Matteson, and Tom Rickner.

Reports from there, next.

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