Web Font Frolic In Ireland

Jul 7, 2010

The Association Typographique Internationale (ATYPI) is holding it’s annual conference in Dublin, Ireland this year. I’ll be giving a talk on web font formats titled Destination Web on the second day of the conference during its two-day Pre-Face warm-up. The full schedule was posted today.

Hey Mommy, Look At Me!

I’m quite excited to be in the same room, speaking from the same stage as some very accomplished people. People like designers Jon Tan and Richard Rutter of Fontdeck; Brian Mason and Ryan Carver – co-founders of Typekit (along with Jeffrey Veen); Kevin Larson of Microsoft; Miguel Sousa of Adobe; FontLab gurus Ted Harrison and Adam Twardoch, and font designer Tim Ahrens – just to name some names that I know.

They say that working with people who are better than you makes you better – and it’s true. So even though they’ll only to get to work with me for a few days, I’m expecting to see some sharp improve­ments from all of these fellows. 😉

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