Typedia: A Font Resource In The Making

Aug 30, 2010

Last year sometime, Typedia showed up on the radar here at Readable Web. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it, frankly. No tag line. What’s the focus? What’s the angle? But the people behind it had gravitas in the world of web so I figured maybe I was missing something. I kept an eye out.

Lately, that’s been paying off. The posts on the Typedia Blog by Erik Vorhes have been top notch, by my lights. Enlightening reading with enriching links. This son-of-a-gun is puttin’ me to shame, really. And so……. may we have a drumroll pleeeeeeese……. I have added Typedia to the Linkworthy blogroll here at Readable Web.

What’s Typedia? Well the font loving folks who created it say this:

In a nutshell, Typedia is a community website to classify typefaces and educate people about them. Think of it like a mix between IMDb and Wikipedia, but just for type. Anyone can join, add, and edit pages for typefaces or for the people behind the type.
We love type, and we have a burning desire to learn as much as possible about typefaces: where they come from, who made them, and why they look the way they do. We want everyone to be able to share in that rich knowledge and enjoy the art and artists of type design. Over time, we think Typedia could grow into a great educational resource for people to learn about their favorite typefaces and discover new ones.

Got A Yen For A Yin, Yang?

If you’re into fonts, web fonts, type, typography, web design and stuff like that there, check it out and get involved. Typophile is a great and unique resource, too, let’s not forget. But for every Yin there’s gotta be a Yang.


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