Tokyo Web Designers Show Underware For FireFox 3.5

Jul 9, 2009

Readable Web is a blog about serious stuff. But serious doesn’t mean boring, and headlines can be a lot of fun, no? Well, this one dropped in my lap and I couldn’t resist:

To show off the web fonts capability of FireFox 3.5, font design company Underware created some special glyph-limited editions of their fonts for a demo page commissioned by Mozilla and created by Tokyo designers Ian Lynman and Craig Mod.

I picked up on it through a post by Joe Clark on who ques­tioned the decision to use a disabled, meaning glyph-limited, edition of a font that ordinarily would have to be purchased and is therefore actually un­a­vail­able for use with @font-face. It’s certainly not outright deception, but it is a bit of sales puffery that misleads somewhat, for sure. Point taken, Joe.

Memo To Moz: Were there no free fonts up to the job?

But it happens to be a terrific page. Excellent examples of web typography and a bunch of helpful links that could be improved by a link to this site, of course, but as soon as they fix that: bookmark it. Hah! 😉

@font-face: The Potential Of Web Typography

@font-face: The Potential Of Web Typography

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