The Inclusionists

Feb 17, 2012

There is a bit of a kerfuffle going on in the world of web standards regarding the use of vendor specific prefixes for CSS properties. There’s an article on AListApart about it that every web developer or anybody in “e-publishing”, for that matter, should read.

A Comment From A Fellow Inclusionist

One commenter had this to say:

“What do you expect when the same evangelists that promote standards, promote no-portfolio CSS “geniuses” that do nothing but create experimental stuff like pink gradient goodies signing ‘sorry, didn’t have time to test in FF or IE’.
If these people had only one past work experience in a normal enterprise or a governmental institution, they’d understand what cross-browser and accessible really means and how we’re busting our behinds everyday making sure things work for everybody.”

Philosophically, this is where I stand, too. (Minus the slightly, maybe, too misconstruably homophobic and/or chauvinist “pink gradients”. Purple would have done just fine.)
Alright, go ahead, call me an HTML Inclusionist, I don’t care.

Me in my web dev days at New York Transit, sans beard and looking like Jimmy Hoffa just before the hit.

I cut my eyeteeth in web development at a governmental institution: The New York City Transit Authority. In my experience, if you work for a company with a web site facing outside (not an intranet), a site where actual customers come, you better get it working acceptably across the browser spectrum or you will get your head handed to you. Or a pink slip. Or both.

And rightfully so. Welcome to the real world.

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