The Future Of Reading

Jun 9, 2010

Rochester, NY
On the two planes I had to take to get from Florida to Rochester, I was reading the book Free Culture by Lawrence Lessig I downloaded (for free, natch) and then transferred to my iRex 1000 e-reader using a custom formatted PDF from Feedbooks.

The illustrations in the PDF edition are missing. Sometimes the iRex skips pages inexplicably. The iRex has no network connectivity. But still, what Lessig has to say is making its way into my brain. Maybe I’ll compare the Mobi or EPUB editions from Feedbooks on the iPad with what I’ve got on the iRex in a future post.

The iRex 1000 is the largest e-paper device around and looks like this:

Thus have I prepared myself through hands-on encounters of the frustrating kind to discuss the future of reading here at the Future Of Reading Conference. It’s being held at the Rochester Institute Of Technology and starts tonight with a kick-off talk and book signing from author Margaret Atwood whose work I am not familiar with but will be by tonight – maybe even convincingly so – through the magic of search engines and Wikipedia.

What, Nothing About the Readable Web Redesign?

Regular readers might have noticed that I’ve upped my blogging game a bit with a redesign. Still not quite tweaked to absolute web perfection but soon, soon. (Done with the aid of Joshua Wold of Sabramedia – to give credit where credit is due.)

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