Some Wood Font Specimens

Dec 21, 2013

I ran across this page of scanned wood type somewhere in my virtual travels:

Wood Type

I very much like the style of some of them but beyond that, as a technologist, it’s got me wondering how to provide appropriately weighted glyphs for the characters that are missing from these sets.
The shape and thickness of the glyphs that peek through when the character is not included in the font but the web page calls for it is a thorny problem.
I think the answer is to provide the fallback glyphs in the fonts themselves. Plus, I would feel much better about releasing a version 1.0 of a font with the fallback glyphs taking the place of glyphs that are to be added to the font at a later date. Place holders I suppose you could call them.

A treatment of the font-weight fallback problem at the blog of designer Elliot Jay Stocks here:

Font Weight In The Age Of Web Fonts

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