Smell of Books™ Aerosol Adds Just The Right Touch Of Familiarity

Jun 9, 2009

New from DuroSport Electronics comes Smell of Books™ aerosol E-Book enhancer.
According to the company:

Now you can finally enjoy reading e-books without giving up the smell you love so much. With Smell of Books™ you can have the best of both worlds, the convenience of an e-book and the smell of your favorite paper book.

The company sent us one can as a promotion and it was gone in an hour. We couldn’t get enough and ordered twenty more. Smell of Books™ or, simply, “The Smell”, as we’ve nicknamed it around here at Readable Web, comes in five different aromas. Each one guaranteed to re-create, via your own olfactory senses, a true paper book reading experience you’re sure to find comforting and familiar. DuroSport assures us there are more on the way.
And while you’re checking out Smell of Books™, be sure to take a quick peek at parent company DuroSport’s complete line of products. You won’t believe your own eyes.
(Special Hint: Keep in mind this post is filed under Humor. Enjoy.)

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