Screen Readability Talk At MIX 10

Mar 26, 2010

Dr. Kevin Larson, Microsoft’s in-house readability maven, gave an interactive lecture at MIX 10 in Las Vegas.

Don’t know what an “overshoot” is? Tired of having to stay awkwardly silent at parties while those in the know discuss the “Stroop Effect”?
Then this one’s for you.

It’s an hour and ten minutes long – I still haven’t watched all of it – but seriously, if you’re into fonts and the problems of rendering text onscreen, it’s worth the time. And if the topic of readability interests you but you are new to it, it’s a nice introduction.

The Art, Technology, And Science Of Reading

Dr. Kevin Larson – aka “Kevlar” – Struts His Science Of Readability Stuff At MIX 10

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