Playing Up WOFF At TypeCon, LA

Aug 18, 2010

[Los Angeles, CA]
The W3C is seizing the opportunity to publicize WOFF – the Web Open Font Format – in conjunction with TypeCon here in LA.

Here are some relevant links:

W3C Opens Typography on the Web
WOFF Frequently Asked Questions
W3C Leads Discussion at TypeCon 2010 on New Open Web Font Format (WOFF)

The Lions Get Down With The Lambs

In the legal wrangling surrounding font licensing, WOFF is a kind “settlement” between browser makers and commercial font producers. The hoopla reminds me of the settlement between Google Books and the publishing industry. On a technical level, WOFF doesn’t do much except provide compression and a small barrier to installation in an OS like Windows, but at least it puts an end to the acrimony and that’s a lot in and of itself. We can move on. And so the W3C, major font producers like Microsoft, Adobe, Monotype Imaging, and others are hailing it as a big achievement.

It is. And congrats to all who made it happen.

Last night there was a “WOFF” party sponsored by Microsoft held at the Otis School of Art and Design. I was jet lagged and kept a low profile. I did vow, however, to find the person responsible for the eccentric vegetarian cuisine and make them pay. As font designer Juliet Chen said, maybe it was just a trendy West Coast/LA thing.

Today John Daggett of Mozilla and editor of the CSS3 Fonts Module, will be briefing attendees about the work of the W3C Fonts working group and the CSS3 Fonts Module. This was arranged and sponsored by Tiro Typeworks (John Hudson and Ross Mills).
A great idea and thanks in advance. Readable Web will be there.

I think I’ll bring along a bag of Doritos, just in case.

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