Practical Font Design, Third Edition


Practical Font Design3rd Edition In Digital Publishing you need to co-ordinate your efforts with many people. Web designers, developers, server techs – the list goes on and on – and the more you know about how those people go about their work, the better off you will be. With fonts, the “collaboration” might take the […]

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Extensis Brings Google Web Fonts Straight Into Photoshop


Extensis, the company behind the WebINK web font service, today announced a plug-in that brings Google Web Fonts straight into Photoshop. Free And Open-Source Fonts Served Alongside The Proprietary, In A Surprising Twist Since launching the WebINK web font service, Extensis has concentrated on building a library of fonts drawn from the proprietary type community, […]

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Amazon Moves To HTML5/CSS3 For New Kindle, Leaves Mobi Format Behind


Some folks I know are waiting for E-Pub to magically arrive and provide a comfy transition from print to screen. But anybody who’s looked into that closely knows it’s a fairy tale. Ain’t gonna happen, and here’s the latest nail in the E-pub coffin: Kindle Format 8 The List of Features Includes @Font-Face Here’s a […]

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Steve Jobs Role In Typography By Computer


A few weeks ago, my eye doctor said to me, “I only know of two people who know anything about fonts, you and Steve Jobs.” Seemed Dr. Patel was re-doing his web site and had questions about the qualities of Trebuchet MS. But the line about Jobs raised an eyebrow, naturally, and it was as […]

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Adobe Announces Acquisition Of Typekit


It’s fair to say that those close to the development of Web Fonts expected Typekit to be acquired by somebody. Well, today somebody did. Adobe Buys Phonegap And Typekit for Better Web Tools The Typekit Blog Announcement And Adobe’s press release: Adobe Acquires Web Typography Innovator Typekit A good thing? A bad thing? An inconsequential […]

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A Nice Use Of Web Fonts In Mainstream Media


There’s a nice use of web fonts at the New York Times. (Just remember to clear your cookies to keep on reading past their twenty page a month limit.) Titled The Reckoning , it’s a link and teaser page for a group of stories about 9/11. Very tasteful and dutifully solemn. Definitely not cheesy. We don’t […]

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ttfautohint – Support Web Typography


There is a very promising open source tool by developer Werner Lemberg called ttfautohint which promises to make it a lot easier for font designers and also web designers working with free, open-source, and public domain fonts to get them looking good on Windows. Even the early versions have some experts in font software sitting […]

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A Webfont Specimen Page Free For Download


Tim Brown of Typekit put together a webfont specimen page awhile back. Originally introduced in Tim’s article for AListApart: Real Web Type in Real Web Context, and it does give a real nice view of a font in a variety of contexts. I’ve incorporated a modified version of it into my suite of web font […]

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Turning My Back On The New New York Times


Ever since the New York Times announced that it’s moving from free online web access to a paid subscription I’ve been torn. And sad. I spent most of my life in New York, I grew up in Brooklyn, and the Times has been a part of my life for nearly as long as I can […]

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New @Font-Face Syntax: Simpler, Easier


I love it when a plan comes together. Some months ago, in an an email exchange with Jeffrey Zeldman about the feasibility of a book about web fonts, I wrote that the turning point – the point at which enough would be known to establish best practices – would be around the time IE9 and […]

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