Less Than 8% Of People Know What A Browser Is, Google Video Reveals

Jun 26, 2009

Those of us in technology get lost in a bubble. We forget that people go on­line for a value, not cool technology. Values like staying in touch with your friends; convenient shopping; keeping up with the news – that’s the stuff that counts. Click here to get this. Click there to get that.

I found the following video a fun reminder of how differently non-​tech­nic­al folks think. It rings true. I’ve taught new computer users. I’ve work­ed in a con­sumer electronics store. I’ve done desktop support. The news that few people know what a browser is doesn’t shock me one bit. And that many think the word “browser” is just another word for “search en­gine” — well, that makes perfect sense, too.

Tip: It’s fun but a little repetitive. You won’t miss much if you bail after a minute or two. Enjoy.

BTW – I also got a kick out of this personally because it was shot near Times Square right across the street from the offices of Viacom (MTV, Nickelodeon, etc.). Did a consulting gig there not too many years ago.
Once a New Yorker…

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