Latest Version – 8.2 of Drag n Drop Pangram Font Tester

Jan 26, 2014

A new and considerably improved version of the Drag n Drop Pangram Font Tester page has been posted.

If you’d like to use it on the web right off of this site, it’s located at this address:

If you’d like to download it and use it locally as part of your testing workflow – the full zip package – which now includes some fonts so you can immediately drag a font or two into the Font Loader Bar and see how it works, is located at this address:
Also included in that package is a “missing-glyphs.ttf” font which has to do with testing version 8.2’s biggest improvement:

Detecting Missing Characters

The page now has a built in “Fallback” font named “backdrop” included as a Data URI which is used to show characters missing from the font.
(A test font named “missing-glyphs.ttf” is included with the Version 8.2 package. Drag it into the page’s Font Loader Bar and you’ll see how the backdrop font works. Note: As of this release, the “backdrop” font is still very much in development with character coverage and the look of the symbol designating a missing character still to be finalized.)

Additional fixes and enhancements are listed in a text file included in the package.

Hoping those who create and work with fonts find this useful. I’ll be posting much more work in this vein over the coming year.

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