John Daggett On CSS3 At TypeCon, 2010

Aug 22, 2010

John Hudson of Tiro Typeworks and Christopher Slye of Adobe arranged a briefing – a guide to the perplexed – by Firefox developer and editor of the W3C CSS3 Fonts Module, John Daggett.

John Daggett has kindly posted his slides.
Dave Crossland has kindly posted his notes.
Photos of the event are posted in an album on Readable Web’s Facebook photo gallery.

California Dreamin’

As Simon Daniels of Microsoft put it on the TypeCon feed, these links are the closest thing to having been there “minus the element of spending a sunny afternoon in an underground bunker with a bunch of geeky web font geeks”.
This is true. But we emerged from the bunker with good tidings: the CSS3 Fonts Module has come a long way and Daggett says there’s a possibility it will move to Candidate Recommendation status by the end of this year. Truly impressive and unusually speedy work by the WG and its panel of Invited Experts. Many parts of the draft will be implemented in IE9 and Firefox 4. With other browser makers expected to follow. As John Hudson said during the Web Fonts panel discussion a few days later, “The standards process works.”
Considering the pessimism last year, quite amazing.

Web typography and a standards process that works. Wow++.

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