Google Starts Hosting @Font-Face Web Fonts

May 19, 2010

Web fonts took an interesting turn today with the news that Google is hosting fonts for use with @font-face:

Google Getting Into The Web Fonts Game

As was reported:

“I pulled up the source of the page and right there, on line 3, was a link element pulling in CSS from! The request is for a font called ‘Droid Sans’ in regular and bold.”

The Google IO event is taking place in San Francisco over the next couple of days so hopefully more details will emerge.

Web-Safe @Font-Face Fonts?

One source tells me that this might simply be an outgrowth of Google’s mobile strategy:
The Android only has the Droid families of fonts and this might simply be an easy and convenient way to make them accessible for developers. However, this would make the Droid families sort of the first ever universally available web-safe @font-face fonts. (If that designation makes any sense to you.)

But if Google starts hosting good quality screen fonts other than Droid…. but wait, we’ll see.
Just having Google floating around out there with this puts an interesting spin on things.

Update: It’s True! It’s True! Google Is Hosting Web Fonts

Looks like the real deal.
Details at:
And Paul Irish has a nice roundup of links at:
Details On The New Google Webfont Api

Microsoft: Take Note And Stop Being So Stingy

Hopefully, Microsoft – who spends untold amounts of money on all kinds of freebies to promote their products but for some reason nickles and dimes everybody by only making their basic fonts available through third-party for-pay font services like Ascender Corp – might see the light and follow suit.

For example, right now, you’ve already paid for the MS Cleartype fonts when you: 1) got Windows 2) got MS Office. And how many times have you paid for those over and over again over the years?

You want to use them as a web font? Gotta pay again!

Why not make the Cleartype fonts universally available to everybody online? (Intelligently sub-setted, please.) Might be a smart PR move. Really.

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