@Font-Face Worsens In Opera 10.5 Beta, But Honestly, It’s OK

Feb 14, 2010

As I reported only two posts ago, @font-face support in Opera’s 10.5 Pre-Alpha release was awful. But when I saw that Opera had released 10.5 Beta my pulse raced. Did they fix it? I clicked “Download” and then, in an adrenalin rush, I raced over to the Opera Developer blog in search of information. There, all hope was lost.

Regressed Regressed Regressed Regressed Regressed

@Font-Face in 10.5 Beta was worse!

Andreas Bovens writes:

One caveat: I recently blogged about improved Web Fonts support in our pre-beta snapshots, but for the beta release, this has unfortunately regressed again. Web Fonts work under certain circumstances, but break in others. Don’t let this spoil the fun though — our devs are working on a fix.

I could show you screen shots, but I’d probably have to remove them: some readers might find them too upsetting.

When I did network consulting on Wall Street, I remember a trading floor where one of the managers used to pace around behind his group of about 16 traders while slapping the fat end of a baseball bat against his palm. Boy, those traders were focused. I betcha they could get @font-face right. Now, I am tempted to fly to Norway with a baseball bat but instead I’ve decided to offer a reward.

Here it is: if the next release of Opera has a decent implementation of @font-face, Andreas Bovens gets a $100 Amazon gift card from Readable Web. If it doesn’t, the entire Opera development team will get a set of steak knives as a consolation prize and bitter reminder. (With a grateful nod to David Mamet for the idea of the steak knives.)
Fair deal? Don’t let Andreas down, now!

Attention Opera Devs:
Fix @Font-Face And Help Andreas Get His $100 Gift Card!

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