EOTFAST: A New And Essential Product For @Font-Face Web Fonts

Feb 21, 2010

We’re proud to announce Readable Web’s first software development effort: EOTFAST.

The site is up and EOTFAST, along with documentation, a supporting utility font and HTML EOT test page is ready for download.

With EOTFAST, font designers, web designers, and developers can create natively compressed EOT font files for use with any web domain. There are no “root string” restrictions, as with Microsoft WEFT. Convert once, use anywhere.

Savings in file size typically range from 45% to 70%.

Cut Font Files Down To Size With EOTFAST

For example, a first-rate screen font like Droid Serif starts out at 169kb as a TTF font file with the full character set but as an EOTFAST file it weighs in at only 80kb. With still the full character set. Compression is lossless.
Please stop by the EOTFAST site. Further announcements will appear in various forums in the coming days.

The documentation contains very useful information for font designers looking to prepare their fonts for use on the web.

EOTFAST is a must-have for anyone looking to use @font-face web fonts today or for years to come – for as long as Internet Explorer has a substantial user-base.

EOTFAST 2.0 Is Already In Work

Version 2.0 is already in work. I’m using a Beta of it right now. And as soon as certain technical issues are ironed out, conversion from TTF to EOTFAST will appear as an online service, as well. Tools for the WOFF format are in the pipeline, too.

Deliver @Font-Face Web Fonts Efficiently Today, Not Just In The Future

EOTFAST works to deliver web fonts to half a billion Internet Explorer users efficiently today – not in some distant the future as many in the font industry would prefer to see happen.

Here at Readable Web, we want better, and more accessible, screen typography and we want it as quickly as possible. Every day that a web designer chooses – for aesthetic reasons alone – techniques that will defeat a screen reader is a day that we are not willing to wait.
This time, Internet Explorer is NOT a problem. @Font-Face has existed in IE for twelve years. It works, it works well, and we’ve got the test pages to prove it.

We’ve been very supportive of initiatives like the new WOFF format which now has its first implementation in Firefox 3.6. But WOFF has a bit of catching up to do now, with EOTFAST.

My co-developer Philip Taylor and I thank you in advance for your support. EOTFAST is released as open-source under the Apache license.

Utilities like Microsoft WEFT, ttf2eot, the Font Squirrel EOT generator, and font-design firm Ascender Corp’s tool for EOT “Lite”, are now obsolete.

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