A Web Font Service For Real , A Sneak Peek At Kernest

Jun 30, 2009

Developer Garrick Van Buren has been good enough to share a sneak peek of his new Web Font service Kernest which is scheduled for public debut on July 16th.

Unlike the much-publicized TypeKit (dubbed “HypeKit” by Brook Elgie), Van Buren has obviously been working steadily, quietly, and has some­thing im­pressive to show for it. Right now. Today.
A Web Font Service, the real thing.

Here’s a shot of the top of the Kernest home page:

Screen Shot Of Kernest Home Page

Here’s the middle of the page, with a rotating list of some “suggested” fonts.

Screen Shot 2 Of Kernest Home Page

At the bottom of the home page it breaks the fonts down into categories for an easy search:

Screen Shot 3 Kerntest Home Page
Note: Garrick Van Buren and I have been in touch, and I’m hoping he’ll agree to an interview.
I have not had time to fully analyze what he’s done, but I’ve taken a bunch more screen shots and will be looking closely and analyzing over the coming days. (Unfortunately, today is a travel day for me. Later… And Kudos to Garrick and Kernest!)

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